Mission and Inclusion Statement

Art of woman in large black dress with white flowers.

AZK WebDesign provides quality products to artists and businesses that contribute to our community and world. Along the way, we have several goals*:

  1. Lift women up in STEM: AZK WebDesign is a small business run by a woman in STEM. We hire and train women going into STEM careers. Women in STEM are historically excluded and encouraged to not follow STEM careers. We combat this by creating a positive community for these people, especially women of color who face additional challenges.
  2. Support underprivileged people: web design and web hosting can be expensive. We negotiate with smaller businesses and local artists to help them afford a website.
  3. Provide a livable wage: as of January, 2021, the city of Madison has increased the livable wage to $13.86. Local activists suggest $15 would be more suitable. We ensure all employees are paid beyond that.
  4. Protect the environment: our website is hosted by GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks replaces the energy used to maintain our website with wind credits. Website hosting is predicted to surpass the carbon admission of airplanes. We suggest our clients use GreenGeeks to ensure a healthy, livable planet.

*references are highlighted

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